SSA aims to provide an interactive Web3 social experience for its Skeleton members. Staking Opportunities, exclusive Alpha and DAO Club memberships, profit sharing through the growth of their NFT’s, token, and in real life businesses.

Welcome Skeleton!

Welcome to the Skeleton Book - Where you will find information about our mission, vision and plan. Important: This plan is subject to change in order to adapt to the evolving NFT ecosystem and opportunities that may arise from growth. Take this guide as the tentative plan moving forward.


💀 Even after death, your journey continues... 💀 Secret Skeleton Association is a dream but it is also a philosophy, it transforms a conceptually negative idea into a positive one. From life to death. Welcome to the Dungeon of the Dead, where being a regular Skeleton will allow you to make history with us! From here, your journey through Web3 with Secret Skeleton Association begins. Join the Skeleton Odyssey, we have a long and difficult journey ahead of us, but only by looking into the eyes of death will you be able to pass it and achieve your dreams. It may seem scary at first sight, but do not be afraid, our Association will support every Skeleton and lead him to the success that awaits us at the end of the journey. But only after reaching it, you will realize that the path itself is our main goal, success is only a side part of it. You will ask, what then awaits us? Hmm... What would you want? The answer to this question is different for everyone, but we strive to realize the dream of every Skeleton who joins us. We don't promise you golden mountains and easy money, those are just empty words of almost every project in Web3, we promise you an endless journey, adventures that we will overcome together as a family and a transparent project that will lead its community forward. If you are not afraid of the words: adventure, challenges, obstacles and fear ▬▬ then join the Secret Skeleton Association and be a part of something bigger!! Welcome to the Secret Skeleton Association 🦴
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